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Taste of WRCLW

at Lublin Craft Beer Expo

Get a taste of WRCLW at the Craft Beer Expo!

The city of Lublin is hosting a great craft beer festival between Friday 25 and Sunday 27 November. We’re happy to be joining the event for the second time in a row! We still remember the enthusiastic atmosphere and excellent organization of the last year’s edition.

It’s already become a tradition for your brewery to join the festival with a bang. Last year we brought the Salamader brand beer, which was awarded the 2015 Brussels Beer Challenge for the first time in Polish history, and our WRCLW-brand beers that won the title of the 2015 Lower Silesia Product of the Year. This year we’re serving the medal-winning beers awarded during the 2016 Craft Beer Competition. SALAMANDER Black IPA (golden medal), WRCLW Rye RIS BA (golden medal) and WRCLW Roggenbier (bronze medal). To find out more about our beer selection, go 57195/1000721676723544/?type=3&theater

All our brands will be on show. WRCLW, a brand that strengthens the identity and raises taste awareness, represents a fresh approach to traditional brewing. Its name consists of consonants only representing only the traditional ingredients used in beer brewing for centuries. Craft Pils, Roggen, Hefeweizen and the fantastic RIS are now joined by WRCLW Schöps – recreated as the symbol of the city and its brewing traditions.

SALAMANDER – the brand created to strengthen the ideas of gathering together, friendship and respect. Its name celebrates a long-established toast whose origins go back to the early 19th century in WRCLW and which is still celebrated among German students associations. The brand includes new-wave beers such as Pale Ale or AIPA.

ART – as the flagship product of the craft industry, the brand stands for cooperation and building bridges across people and beer styles. We’re aiming at making craft part of the creative capital of WRCLW, Lower Silesia and Poland.

Get the best of what WRCLW has on offer!