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A taste WRCLW in Poznań


Win prices and invitation for
the Poznań Beer Expo

The great craft beer festival is taking place between Friday, 4 November, and Sunday, 6 November, in Poznań. The Poznań Beer Expo promotes 3 ideas: “culture, traditions and the contemporary world of craft brewing.” As we think highly of their mission, we’ve decided to promote the event in our contest. The winners take three 3-day tickets including a beer and beer glass!

To take part in the contest:

Join our Facebook event at:, invite 3 more persons and answer these 3 questions:

  • Question 1. What is the brand under which we have recreated Schöps, the symbol Wrocław considered the leading beer in our part of Europe for two centuries?
  • Question 2. What is the brand under which we do collaborative brewing projects with other breweries? Including the Berlin-based BRLO, the US Bristol Brewing, now among world’s top 4 Berliner Weisse beers. We’re serving these beers at the Poznań Beer Expo.
  • Question 3. What is the brand whose name refers to a long-established tradition and toast dating back to the early 19th century Wrocław? This is the custom still followed in Germany and part of the beer culture we aim at recreating.

If there are more than 3 correct answers, we’ll take into account the number of likes. The winners will be announced at noon, on Wednesday, 2 November. The prices (each worth PLN40) to be picked up from the PBE ticket office.

Join us to celebrate craft beer! On offer: SALAMANDER AIPA; Pale Ale; Black IPA; WRCLW Pils; Hefeweizen, Schöps; ART#8 Strawberry Berliner Weisse brewed in cooperation with the Berlin-based BRLO; ART#9 Oatmeal Hoptart, brewed with the US Bristol Brewing, today among world’s Top 4 Berliner Weisse beers; and the latest style ART#10 Coffee Milk Amber Ale, brewed with the Wrocław-based roastery Czarny Deszcz.

Find out more about the event at: