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ART#10 Amber Coffee Milk Ale


ART#10 Amber Coffee
Milk Ale debut in
pubs and cafes!

ART#10 Amber Coffee Milk Ale

The Amber Ale style defines top-fermenting beer of intensely amber colour and caramel taste. This full-bodied taste is balanced with lactose sweetness. The beer releases the aroma of best quality coffee and cocoa beans.

Amber Ale has a low hop influence and low bitterness level that comes from the Slovenian hop variety, Styrian Goldings. British in roots and character, this Goldings family variety provides the beer with some herbal and tobacco tones that wonderfully complement caramel, coffee and cocoa flavours.

Coffee Milk Amber Ale is all about the added ingredients. Cocoa beans added both during the brewing and lagering process account for the milk chocolate and caramel aroma. And yet, the coffee taste is the most intense! The coffee brand is exceptional itself. Mildly roasted, Colombia Rio Negro is best to be brewed in the Aeropress and Cold brew methods. This is the coffee variety that secured Filip Kucharczyk with the title of 2016 Aeropress Champion. This homogenous variety from Columbia releases a wonderfully fruity aroma of marzipan, cherries, grapefruit and green grapes. When brewed in the aeropress method, the coffee is wonderfully creamy.

It’s already our second beer brewed with coffee in cooperation with the Czarny Deszcz roastery. The project has been completed under the ART brand targeted at creative and open-minded people. It defines the craft to all coffee enthusiasts. Together we have succeeded in building a bridge between these two thriving environments.

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