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Debut of the Month in Poland


ART#9 Oatmeal Hoptart
voted the best beer
of the month in Poland!

ART#9 Oatmeal Hoptart voted the beer of the month in Poland!

The Oatmeal Hoptart beer has secured the title of the debut of the month for Browar Stu Mostów. Here is the verdict of Michał “Docent” Maranda from “It wouldn’t do justice to the beer’s unique taste to simply call it a new-wave version of the berliner weisse. The clarity of the beer is impressing: no sulphuric, milky or other tones often present in berliner-type brews. Instead, there is the exceptionally rich and refreshing aroma of lemon, mandarine and peach. Equally exquisite is the taste achieved through the interplay of fresh lemon and slightly bitter grapefruit. Although the parameters are “low”, the beer is delightfully full-bodied and highly drinkable. Excellent cooperation between Browar Stu Mostów and Bristol Brewing Company from Colorado Springs! More info at:

Here is an even better review by Docent straight from a pub “When I managed to get the highly praised Oatmeal Hoptart from Browar Stu Mostów, the very first sniff of its peach-mandarine-lemon aroma already promised a really good beer. The refreshing tartness of lemon is perfectly balanced with slight bitterness. This complex and full bodied beer (with only 9°Blg!) is an ideal combination of the sour and bitter taste. I can’t remember drinking 6 same beers in a row. The season can’t be over. This is the beer I want to drink all year round!”

On his blog The Beervault, Kuba Niemiec writes „the beer has far exceeded my expectations. Mateusz from Browar Stu Mostów succeeded in creating a real treat. The beer’s peachy smell combined with lemon and milky tones of lactobacillus is just overpowering. The slight bitterness is balanced with moderate acidity level. The beer gets down faster than Lucky Luke takes a pistol out of his pocket. Simply great!”

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