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Concept on Dlugosza Street


Range of products based on
beer, wort, malts and spent grain on the rise

3K from the chimney

Our core products are sourdough bread, pretzels and mild and chilli mustards. There will be more products available in limited series, in cardboards rather than pallets. The Concept’s schedule goes hand in hand with the production timeline of the Brewery and specific farms.

Michał asks the best farmers for supplies. He knows them well and goes to Łukaszowice, Grochów and Obornik, Eko Jar in person. For starters, we have 3 milk varieties delivered from: the Polish breed Czerwonka, as well as Jersey and Limousine breeds. We make different cheeses from different milk. The taste is unique. – As craftsmen, we follow the craft philosophy. The pub’s kitchen reflects the Brewery’s mission. We value natural and high quality produce. Everything tastes different, smells different, and lasts longer.– says Michał.

Concept is an invitation to experiment. What serves as the best example is beetroot ketchup that Michał created 1,5 years ago out of curiosity. Its slightly spicy and vinegar flavour is balanced by sweetness from beetroot, not sugar. The cilantro used in its production is considered the best in the world. The only preservative is vinegar. The ketchup has no flavour enhancers, adjusting agents, or stabilisers. Customers have asked for a jarred version for a long time. It is finally here! We’re going to offer other treats in jars including dulce de leche: the main ingredient of our cakes and desserts. Next week we’re going to prepare a special treat with gooseberries, which are best at the end of the season. Stay up-to-date with our unique assortment.

Concept is a place where recipes based on beer and by-products of the process are designed. Attracting both brewers and chefs, it is a meeting point for experts representing various fields. Such activities work to the advantage of the Brewery itself.

We keep showing the differences between mass and craft production. Since the very beginning, we have been cooking and baking. Now, we’re focusing on hands-on experience to demonstrate the exquisite flavours of craft production. We’re planning to show that best quality products do not necessarily have a perfect look and may differ. What is interesting for people is the fact that fermentation process of cheeses depends on the weather. We would like to share this knowledge because once you taste the difference, you will continue looking for craft products.

We don’t consider ourselves as pioneers. There are bakeries next to mini-breweries in Germany and England. Wort-based mustards are a far more interesting version of all beer-based mustards. These are natural products. Our goal is to bring the cooperation between bakers and chefs to the next level. The idea is to increase the development of the beer culture in WRCLW. The objective of Concept Stu Mostów is to pave the way. Just as the Brewery did.

And that’s just for starters 🙂