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We invite you to the première of
ART#9 with Bristol Brewing
Colorado Springs, USA

Veterans of American craft in WRCLW

We brew with Bristol Brewing Company from Colorado Springs – a brewer with 22 years of experience. It is a true veteran of American craft brewing. One of the first of the “second wave”. This is a result of the success and fame we enjoy thanks to the historic project with Pizza Boy. A clear proof that we are able to draw specialists and beer experts from the farthest corners of the world. Colorado is the cradle, Number 1-3 in any possible statistics. Suffice it to say that 10% of American breweries come from Colorado. Yes, they have 230 of them. Colorado is called „The State of Craft Beer!”.

ART#9 Oatmeal HopTart – our joint beer – it will be another of our proposals for summer. More beery than “strawberry” and therefore closer to beergeekom. A beer that is similarly soured, hops are more underlined, very interesting, including the Australian Topaz. The bitterness and aroma are stronger.
Wort souring in the brew house is a hot topic in Colorado. We contributed our yeast experience and Americans – their idea for “beer lemonade”. And without a gram of citrus!

An arrangement of very aromatic hops from the United States and Australia – Citra, and Galaxy, added only using the“late hopping” method. Combined with the velvetiness of oatmeal. A light beer, soured with lactic acid bacteria. The power of refreshment, both for Sour- and Hop-Heads. Take your first gulp!

The world première in the Brewery on Thursday. The beer will be available in the WRCLW on Friday. On Saturday, it will be available in the best pubs throughout Poland.