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Pretzels to eat with beer!


We are starting production of beer pretzels, bread and mustard with wort

We are starting production of beer pretzels and mustard!

We decided to produce 2 most popular products, which are made in the kitchen of the Browar Stu Mostów pub, on a bigger scale. So that you could take them away and more people could try them. The proximity of the Brewery helps build the uniqueness of the offering. Beer, wort, malt and spent grain are used for production.

The first of these products are beer pretzels which we have been baking for a year and a half. They have yeast and malt flavour. They smell like pils. They have good consistency and stay fresh longer. We started a special baking oven and we plan to offer regular pretzel deliveries to leading pubs and multitaps in WRLCW. – We work alongside the Brewery. We replace water with beer. We get remnants from kegs. The beer is rich in yeast there. This is the essence of beer. You can eat it with a spoon. That is where you get the full yeasty flavour. For comparison, we made them with milk, water, water and butter, milk and butter. But nothing will replace beer – Michał Czekajło, Head of the kitchen in the Brewery pub and author of many recipes of beer-based product says. The starter is unique. We sour it with beer. It is very strong and ripens fast. Beer is a strong food for dough. It also has its own yeast. It makes our bread taste and smell differently. Pretzels always have the same weight but with beer, it is not possible to make every pretzel look the same on the outside. This makes them different from mass produced pretzels where even cracks are in the same place.

Having the most local market in mind, we will bake two types of bread. Rye and wheat and rye bread. In pans and baskets. Apart from the permanent offering, we will experiment. Using the Brewery’s production schedule, we will bake bread with additions. The next one with broad bean and spent grain from the production.

The other of these products is beer mustard. We pour vinegar and hot wort, which is sweet and a great replacement of sugar, over mustard. We repeat the cooking process and wait 3 weeks. Mustard absorbs the whole wort during that time. The flavour of such mustard is strong, vinegary and coarsely ground. This is real mustard. There are no chemicals. The flavour and scent comes from mustard and not a mix of essences and starc,h as it is the case in mass-produced mustard. The malt extract, i.e. wort replaces for us water and makes sugar unnecessary. The consistency is also original. We decided to grind mustard seeds but not completely. It is as if they had been threshed. This matches the character of the Brewery. We prepare this offer for local delis. We offer it to regular customers of our beer first. We want to reach consumers who know the Brewery’s brand.