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18 LAT?

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The Stout Month


Coming soon: more attractions of the Stout Month at Browar Stu Mostów

Here are the first attractions of the Stout Month

This weekend’s special is WRCLW Rye RIS that has aged for 100 days. Beer ageing in spirits barrels has been a fast developing trend both in the US and Poland. The ageing process, during which the whole range of chemical and physical processes take place, allows Rye RIS aromas and flavours to develop fully. The main goal of barrel ageing is to produce vanilla, caramel and oak wood flavours. On top of it, beer takes over flavours of the spirits that used to age in the very same barrel before. In case of our beer, it is American Bourbon. The final effect is highly concentrated beer as water evaporates faster from the barrel in comparison to other compounds. In addition, more oxidised beer means even richer aromas of prunes and cherries.

This weekend only! Only at Browar Stu Mostów! Visit us to take the first sip!

Yet another attraction of the Stout Month is coming soon. Next week we’re opening a barrel of flavoured Rye RIS. Coffee-flavoured and ….an extra ingredient that accounts for fruity tone of raisins, prunes and apples. You can’t miss it!

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