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WRCLW Schops


In search of the Schops Project Ambassadors

We’re looking for Ambassadors representing the 5 districts of WRCLW

We’ve launched an outstanding project to recreate the legendary Schöps beer from WRCLW. The team of experts has been expanding; the project is going to be completed over the span of a few months; the debut of this extraordinary beer is going to be covered by media. More details available at:





We’re looking for Ambassadors representing the 5 districts of WRCLW in order to promote this exquisite project.

What’s on offer?

  • exclusive tastings of the Schöps trail brew created on 13 November 2015 at Distelhäuser Brauerei;
  • getting to know the opinions of experts after the beer has undergone analytical and sensory evaluation in March 2016;
  • participating in an experts’ meeting on the history and flavour of this beer style;
  • meeting brewmasters in person: Mateusz Gulej – brewer at Browar Stu Mostów; Andrzej Urbanek – expert in the brewing industry and history of the Wrocław breweries researching long-forgotten beer styles in the archives of Lower Silesia and Germany; John M. Brauer – EBC Executive Officer, The Brewers of Europe in Brussels; Roland Andre – Technical Director and Production Head at Distelhäuser Brauerei;
  • participating in Schöps brewing in WRCLW – beginning of July 2016 at Browar Stu Mostów;
  • taking part in an exclusive tastings in September 2016 organized at Browar Stu Mostów;
  • participating in the beer presentation organized for brewmasters from the entire continent, guests of the European Brewery Convention, and members of the Brewing Science Group on 20 September 2016;
  • monitoring the progress of the beer visual identification and label created at the Wrocław Graphic Design Agency PLANTACJA under the supervision of Grzegorz Twaróg.

What do we expect?

  • enthusiasm to become the Ambassador of the legendary beer style from Wrocław; sharing your experiences as the Project Ambassador with city dwellers on your FB profile; publishing updated information on the project; covering visits, meetings, brewing sessions and the debut itself; photo coverage hashtagged #WRCLWschops;
  • belief in the importance of the project to recreate a beer style that may make the city as famous as it used to be years ago. We hope to enrich our brewing competencies. Brewed over 200 years, Schops played a great role (between the mid-17th and mid-18th century) in the lifestyle and diet of Wrocław dwellers. It’s worth spreading the news that this was the beer style mentioned by chroniclers and poets.

Who can become the Ambassador of the WRCLW Schops Project?

  • any person of legal age keen to become the Ambassador who convinces supporters on Facebook to vote for them;
  • any person passionate about beer brewing, history and cuisine ready for a real adventure. We’re recreating what our ancestors used to love! The Ambassador should be ready to face the challenge of flavour that goes back 250 years. The person is going to have several opportunities to better understand the flavour and form their own opinion.

What will the selection process look like?

  • One person representing each WRCLW district (Psie Pole, Fabryczna, Krzyki, Śródmieście and Stare Miasto) is going to be selected;
  • Posts launching the voting procedure will be uploaded gradually. Applications including a photo and a brief description should be posted below the posts. The application is to convince voters to like their candidacy. As the photos and description will be posted as comments, it will be possible to track who holds the lead.
  • We’re going to promote voting for candidates, sharing applications and creating FB events supporting your candidacy to become the Ambassador of the WRCLW Schops Project;
  • The voting sessions will last 7 days for each of the districts. The candidate with the highest number of likes wins.
  • The voting starts on Sunday. Here is the schedule:

Fabryczna 21.02 – 28.02
Psie Pole 23.02 – 1.03
Krzyki 25.02 – 3.03
Śródmieście 27.02 – 5.03
Stare Miasto 29.02 – 7.03

  • The voting results will be announced gradually. Any unpredictable circumstances or complains will be settled on individual basis. Should there be a suspicion that “likes” have been bought, we will verify it.