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18 LAT?

OF 18?

We are brewing with Americans


A historic brewing with American brewers

We are writing a history, once again. This is an unprecedented event and is an example of how different craft and mass produced beer is. Here are openness, meetings, knowledge exchange, experimenting. We connect our creativity, so many can understand what is beer, and how involving the process can be.

We debated a long time on a recipe. About ways we do things comparing them to methods of our guests. We also let them try some of our experimental brews and we talked about them for some time. In short, they were impressed and very interested in learning about them.

For our collaboration brew we used pale malts, lots of them because it will be a strong beer. And hops, which were brought by Americans. In shocking quantities. Base is a mix of best currently available American hops, very fresh, with a good and balanced set of aromas.

We also used a new technique, which is also fairly new in the United States. A portion of hops will be added during primary fermentation to help with a cloudy beer and to increase hop aroma.



We could feel good emotions talking with Americans: “We have worked with other breweries, but here the important is the fact that this is the first Polish-American collaboration brew. This is a fantastic city, great brewery, great beer. I can not wait for the final outcome, which is a direct result of our cooperation. Ways, in which your and our ideas start working with each other and create a very good beer” – said Terry Hawbaker, Brewmaster, Pizza Boy Brewing.

Opinions of other brewers, who arrived and participated in this event was also very motivating.

  • “First of foremost, this is a very unique team.”
  • “This is a connection of all ideas into one product – this is a reason why this beer will be special.
  • Different hops, very nice profile, pale malt, which should intensify flavor and aroma. In my
  • opinion this is a very complex recipe”.
  • “This should be a very good beer because many great brewers are working on it.”
  • “This is a great honor to be involved.”
  • “This was also a great fun.”

We could really feel big emotions.

This beer brewed in Wroclaw is the first ever done in collaboration with an American brewery. We are sure to be writing a new chapter in a history of craft beer in our country. Debut will be just as big of an event and is planned for March.