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The Great RIS Test


Our RIS WRCLW wins the title of
the second best RIS in Poland

The Great RIS Test and WRCLW Rye RIS #2 in Poland!

Becoming better and better every day, WRCLW RIS has ranked second best in the blind test of the 10 best RIS beers in Poland. The beers have been evaluated by 3 certified judges representing the Polish Association of Homebrewers: Artur Napiórkowski, Adam Szewczyk and Michał Jaskólski who have recommended RIS-style beers: “Let’s drink RIS! It’s great craft breweries brew this style as they are good at it.”

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Russian Imperial Stout is a style for those beer enthusiasts who are in search for new sensations. The origins of this historic beer date back to London at the turn of the 18th century. The clear malty tones: coffee, chocoalte, caramel and velvety rye malts bring to mind Belgian pralines. Untransparently dark, the beer is brewed with a surprising amount of ingredients: abundance of malts to achieve the high extract, plenty of hops to balance the full-bodied and malty flavour. Another characteristic is the long fermentation and lagering process that allows the beer to mature and balance its rich flavours.

Browar Stu Mostów presents this classic style in a refreshed version. The additional rye malt enriches mouthfeel and thickness prolonging the outstanding taste and aroma. The chocolate and coffee tones with a subtle touch of caramel and high contents of alcohol bring to mind luxurious pralines. Whereas the longer lagering process accounts for the prune aroma. Despite the exquisite mix of produced sensations, WRCLW Rye RIS is harmonious and velvety. It’s perfect for long winter nights – recommends Mateusz Gulej, brewmaster at Browar Stu Mostów.