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Merry Christmas from BSM


Merry Christmas from WRCLW and recreating Schops!

Christmas wishes and a gift to WRCLW

Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year! Let’s build more bridges, set more goals and find new inspiration to achieve them. These are Christmas wishes from the team of Browar Stu Mostów.

And here is the promised gift:

We have engaged in the project of reviving the historical beer style Schöps. Our goal is to recreate and brewed this one of the well-known and appreciated beers: the Wrocław Schöps.
The first trail brew has been completed with an international team. We’re going to present the beer in September 2016 to the guests of the EBC Symposium and Brewing Science Group, a great meeting of scientists and technologists of the brewing industry that is taking place in Wrocław in September 2016. This is how we want to promote one of the most Wrocław-like styles and WRCLW itself.

The Symposium is the biggest meeting of the representatives of the brewing industry. It brings together brewers, technologists, scientists and producers of brewing equipment. We’re expecting over one thousand participants from Europe only. Mark your calendars: 18-22 September 2016.

The project timeline:

The project started in July 2015 in Wrocław by: Grzegorz Ziemian, Arletta Ziemian and Mateusz Gulej, brewmaster at Browar Stu Mostów, and John M. Brauer, the head of The Brewers of Europe in Brussels.

  • Browar Stu Mostów looking for partners interested in recreating the Wrocław style among brewers and malt producers in Germany, extensive research on the style in archives;
  • establishing cooperation with Roland Andre, technical director at Distelhäuser Brauerei, one of the most renowned breweries in the world, and the support of Andrzej Urbanek, an expert in the brewing industry and history of the Wrocław breweries, who lives in Nuremberg, and a long-term enthusiast passionately studying the archives of Lower Silesia and Germany;
  • designing the recipe – slogan: “hops from Poland, malts from Germany, water from Lower Silesia”;
  • trail brew – 13 November 2015 at Distelhäuser Brauerei, team consisting of: Mateusz Gulej, Grzegorz and Arletta Ziemian – Browar Stu Mostów; Roland Andre, technical director and production head at Distelhäuser Brauerei; John Brauer, EBC Carsten Zufall, The head of EBC Brewing Science Group;
  • analytic and sensory evaluation – December 2015 and March 2016 (footage planned);
  • evaluating the outcomes and preparing comments or suggestions;
  • brewing of Schöps in Wrocław planned for the second half of July 2016 (conference planned) ;
  • debut and presentation to brewmasters from Europe; guests of the EBC Symposium and members of the Brewing Science Group – 20 September 2016 at Browar Stu Mostów.

Schöps Facts:

  • for two centuries the beer was considered as the leading one in this part of Europe;
  • the production started about 1550; it was brewed from three ingredients only: hop cones, wheat seeds and good quality water;
  • it was the symbol of Wrocław; it made Wrocław famous and became popular in many other cities in Poland and Germany;
  • it was brewed till mid-18th century and played a great role in the city’s lifestyle and eating habits.

To find out more about this beer style, read articles by Grzegorz Sobel published at: smakiwrocł
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