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2015 Year in Review


2015 Year in review and
RIS’s debut

Year in review

The first year of the Brewery has been very successful. We couldn’t have imagined a better one. The craft beer brewed by our brewery has won the title of the 2015 Lower Silesia Product. This hasn’t happened before. We’ve paved the way with our determination and imagination. As craft brewers, we have also been awarded the title of People of the Year in Wrocław. These may just be some signs of the already changing perception of beer, which has started to enrich our identity.

WRCLW the City of Good Beer

Over the last year Browar Stu Mostów has hosted 23 thousand visitors. By giving tours, our brewers educate our guests to show them the difference and values of craft brewing. We have promoted the tours and this way contributed to the astounding result. The Brewery is the meeting point for brewmasters from no longer existing breweries and students of the brewing industry at the University of Environmental and Life Sciences in Wrocław. The first ones celebrate reunions, while the latter ones undergo professional training. The most talented young dwellers from Wrocław present their skills in our beautiful pub overlooking the entire production space of the brewery. Local Producers often visit the brewery. The place is well known for its cuisine endorsed by another star: Michał Czekajło, a participant of the TopChef finale and the main chef at Food Think Tank. We promote: awareness of flavours, going back to our roots, keeping rich culinary traditions alive and adopting a new perspective on the art of cooking. We promote “taking the first sip” as it captures the essence of craft. We value the search for taste, expectations and savouring the outcome. What we have to offer to the Wrocław dwellers is a very simple definition of craft; namely, freedom from commercial brewing. It is also freedom from no differences and taste panels during which the answer to the question of whether the beer would satisfy 10-15 million people is sought.

In brief:

  • Wrocław is flourishing as the City of Good Beer: the beer is our trademark and attraction;
  • Beer is becoming part of a wider discussion on flavour: we have established cooperation with producers of regional produce and supported projects of the Wrocław-based Food Think Tank;
  • Craft beer has been awarded the 2015 Lower Silesia Product (9/2015);
  • We have won the title of 2015 People of the Year in Wrocław, which also works to the benefit of the entire sector (2/2015);
  • We organize reunions of former employees of Wrocław-based breweries on Długosza Street;
  • We have engaged in the project of recreating the historical beer style Schöps – the most famous beer in WRCLW (the first trial brew has been completed in cooperation with an international team);
  • We are a member of the Lower Silesia Craft Chamber, Lower Silesia Chamber of Commerce, Wester Chamber of Commerce, and the first Polish member of The Brewers Association;
  • We support the 2016 European Brewery Convention: the biggest convention of scientists and technologists working in the field of brewery, which will be taking place in Wrocław (Browar Stu Mostów will host beer lovers from all over the continent);
  • We have organized a training program for students of the University of Environmental and Life Sciences, which is the best place to study the brewing industry;
  • Every day we educate our guests by giving tours to show the difference between craft and commercial production. The Brewery has attracted nearly 23 thousand people within the last 11 months.All our brands WRCLW, SALAMANDER and ART have been well appreciated. We promote them as an essential part of our regional identity, lifestyle and creative capital.


The WRCLW brand has become the 2015 Lower Silesia Product. WRCLW Dunkelweizen was the official beer of the 2015 Wrocław Good Beer Festival. As the brand’s name contains only consonants, the product contains only traditional beer brewing ingredients. WRCLW stands for the classics in refreshed craft versions. This brand offers craft Pils – “a great invitation to craft” [Jurek Gibadło, Jerry Brewery] and Roggen – “rye beer that attracts crowds” [Patryk Piechocki, Piwny Brodacz]. To celebrate our birthday we have brewed WRCLW Rye RIS.

WRCLW Rye RIS is highly palatable beer. To find about more about its ingredients, visit: and

The beer has been well-received by the critics. It sells faster than reading this post. WRCLW Rye RIS is the first beer to be ageing in oak barrels so that we can offer the first in the Brewery’s history beer lagered in barrels. More details coming soon. Cheers WRCLW! 🙂


The brand created to celebrate meetings over beer. The symbol of sharing ideas, broadening horizons and a good chat. Also, of friendship and respect. SALAMANDER Hoppy Violet Potato Lager has won the first in Poland medal at 2015 The Brussels Beer Challenge. This beer is on our taps now. A month after it premiered, Strong Witbier was considered one of the leading wheat beers in Poland [Polskie Minibrowary]. The SALAMANDER brand also includes: Black IPA, beer brewed specially for the Wrocław Beer Trail; the returning Wheat Porter; American Pale Ale “the best Polish brewpub beer” and AIPA “the beer is a revelation; that’s how this style should be brewed” [Kuba Niemiec, Beervault].


The brand stands for collaboration. This year we have brewed 4 such beers: with the Bavarian CAMBA; Coffee Milk Dark Lager with coffee lovers and the Czarny Deszcz company from Wrocław ART; ART Nigredo with three Polish breweries and on top of that: ART White IPA brewed with the artists from the Neo-Nówka cabaret. This beer is now on tour around Poland promoting craft beer among and beyond its long-term loyal fans. The last two beers are still on our taps – recommends Mateusz Gulej, brewmaster at Browar Stu Mostów.

These projects go to show how different craft brewing is from commercial brewing. CAMBA Bavaria is one of the most renowned German breweries. For our Bavarian partners, it was the first beer brewed in cooperation with a different brewery. Here is the coverage: –



The end of the year has witnessed a crazy but successful project developed in cooperation with the artists from the Neo-Nówka cabaret. ART White IPA is now on tour around Poland celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Neo-Nówka Cabaret. These popular artists from Wrocław promote craft beer among and beyond its long-term loyal fans. Watch the video coverage from the brewing process at –



The beer brewed on Długosza Street is exported to Germany and Czech Republic. In cooperation with nearly one hundred partners in WRCLW only, we have been going beyond the craft’s limits. We’ve put together a dream team. We’ve built bridges between people, cities and countries. We draw both on the history and the present moment. And this is just the beginning. Thank you for your support and loads of great ideas, comments, posts and reviews that help us work on every single detail. Thanks for subscriptions and likes. We’re still hungry for success and keep being focused on education. GoWRCLW. Wyjątkowy prezent od nas dla Was – jeszcze przed Świętami.

A wonderful Christmas gift yet to come – stay tuned!