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Saxony –networking and tasting local products in WRCLW

Networking and tasting local products

The Polish-German Business Circle EUROPA FORUM has invited 40 German entrepreneurs interested in establishing relations with regional producers from the Wrocław area to visit Browar Stu Mostów. The majority of guests came to Poland from the neighbouring region of Saxony. The networking meeting was followed by a real feast of local products organized by the Brewery and cooked by Michał Czekajło.

The atmosphere was relaxed. The guests from Germany found out a lot about the beer history in Wrocław and the difference between craft and commercial brewing. Then, the 4-course dinner was served: herb crumbed roasted sturgeon (bran plates); Polish apple soup served with beer mash and goat cheese; the main course: lamb steak served with cumin seasoned cream baked potato and Złotnicka T-bone pork chop served with cabbage and beer sauce. 🙂

The dinner demonstrated how unconventional and surprising the mix of Polish and German organically certified local products may be. Simple, yet refined. Traditional, yet modern. What caused a sensation was the lamb from the Dresden-based Vorwerk Podemus, Złotnicka pork chop, sturgeon from the Milicz fish ponds, potatoes from Stoszów, and edible recycling from the brewmaster. Whereas the dessert included a fully digestible plate. All courses were served with perfectly selected beers. The dinner certainly facilitated team-building and networking.

As the winner of the title of the 2015 Lower Silesia Product, we planned the meeting as the networking space for the best producers from Lower Silesia. We made an effort to introduce our business partners to all guests. It was well worth participating with a business card in one hand and a glass of beer in the other. We’ll do our best to keep all business contacts established during the meeting alive.

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