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Best Product of Lower Silesia


Our beers voted the 2015 Best Product of Lower Silesia

Thank you for your support and appreciation!

We would like to thank all our supporters and partners that help in establishing WRCLW as the Good Beer Capital. The fact that craft beer has been voted the product of the year will bring benefits to us all. Our beers are the product that Wrocław inhabitants can be proud of.

Thank you all for an incredible campaign during which the readers of “Gazeta Wrocławska” daily and website were to decide on “the best product.” Our thanks also go to all 14.082 supporters that have cast their vote for our product. We kept asking you for the votes as we wanted craft beer to get on top of the ranking. Let’s recap what motivated us:

  • Craft beer is part of our regional identity – it is what water is for the Mazury region and coal for Silesia. It is our mission to share and promote this fact. It would be naive not to work on raising awareness about craft beer.
  • Craft beer is the competitive edge against the Wielkopolska and Silesia region. We are competing for talented people and their ideas on how to improve our life. It is the unique moment when WRCLW is considered the Beer Capital of Poland; there is the largest number of beer initiatives: newly created craft breweries and restaurants.
  • Craft beer is the symbol of big changes. Around the world craft beer is looked upon as freedom from commercial production, artificiality, monotaste, and taste panels that search for the answer to the question: will it taste good for 10-15 million consumers? That is the reason why we need to promote our values and successes. And that is why the ranking has become a good tool to do that.
  • Craft beer enriches beer culture and consequently improves relations between people. Leaving aside the perspective of superficial beer commercials (which may be quite challenging), it is clear that beer has played the role of social bridge for ages. “Let’s have a beer” means going out with friends, having positive experiences. Other alcohols do not have that easiness and unpretentiousness. Another reason for promoting craft beer in WLCLW is the fact that it slows life down, releases tension and increases tolerance levels.
  • Today craft beer helps to define what craft is. And it is definitely a positive term. Only a few years ago it brought associations with nothing more but….contrived folk arts and crafts. Today craft means expertise and passion. It is associated with state-of-the-art technology, the best ingredients, treating the product with respect. Craft production equals high quality and creative products. For this reason, we have been a member of the Lower Silesian Craft Chamber and the first in Poland member of the Brewers Association. And that’s why we have supported this ranking – we believe that craft is well-worth being promoted!

Since Browar Stu Mostów was opened in December 2014, we have brewed 11 beers following two approaches towards modern brewing: rediscovering the tradition and embracing a dynamic beer revolution. The more sophisticated beers brewed at our brewery are well-appreciated by the increasingly number of our loyal customers. In order to show them the richness of the beer world we have chosen very different styles and used high quality hops, yeasts and spices. We are building 3 brands: WRCLW, Salamander and ART.

WRCLW offers reinterpretation of the classics. SALAMANDER, the essence of beer revolution, is the brand created to broaden our horizons and promote the refreshing power of  meeting over beer. ART symbolizes creative cooperation between talented people open for new experiences. This brand builds bridges between people and beer styles. This type of cooperation in designing the idea and then the recipe for the beer is typical for craft industry.

It has been clear to us from the very beginning that the large number of votes cast on craft beer would allow for stronger promotion and heightened awareness of beer identity. We are pleased that there have been many related articles published in Gazeta Wrocławska daily which was the media partner to a meeting of former employees of no longer existing Wrocław breweries organizes on our premises. The mission of Gazeta Wrocławska is to deliver the most important information from Wrocław and the Lower Silesia region. The online edition of the newspaper is the leading one among daily online news providers in Lower Silesia as is among mobile viewers.