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Lenart Show


Wiktoria Lenart – the Best Polish designer of the young generation

Wiktoria Lenart in the 100 Bridges Brewery

Sweat behind the desks, blood in the production halls and tears of happiness – a full picture of the implementation process from the initial idea to the final product, the work of the designer as it really is, and not just in theory – we participated in all this. Wiktoria Lenart was our guest – one of the most creative people in WRCLW, one of the best young designers in Poland.

It was an amazing meeting. Wiktoria’s passion attracted loads of friends and admirers of the crafting attitude. Humility prevented us from seeing how successful the events she gets engaged in are.

We began with the apprenticeship and the debut of the industrial pattern student. From the first blunders and “manufacturing failures”. We learned how to take advantage of the failure and how it can lead to new commissions.

Wiktoria told us about her graduation work. WORKNEST is a workplace for imaginative people and not only. The combination allows for creating a functional and aesthetic workplace. All is created around the desk and a kind of folding screen, ladder. The desk was appreciated by the designers’ world and resulted in new contacts and cooperation offers, among others – with Piotr Kuchciński. The PLUS range was their joint venture, a response to the issue of zoning in the open space office. For the listeners, it was a perfect proof that “95% of the designing time should be devoted to getting familiar with the item to be designed.” Wiktoria acknowledged the words to Einstein, but she needn’t have done that.

We witnessed how the bed SPOT was created – the winner of the prestigious IF DESIGN AWARD 2015 in the furniture category (more often referred to as the Designing Oscars). How it was supposed to set free the imagination and inspire to being playful. Wiktoria stressed the role of the good briefing by the producer, skipping Dobry Design 2015. The prize is awarded by the votes of the most prominent Polish architects and interior designers.

She presented the MIO furniture, designed in cooperation with Joanna Leciejewska. The furniture expands along with our needs. “The users themselves create the shape of the furniture, putting together beech ladders, crates and perforated tin or glass fronts. Step by step, the shape, function and aesthetics are created. The furniture can be further changed by, e.g. pulling aside the crates. The MIO set is modular furniture and universal, it can fit into cramped spaces or you can move house with it lots of times.” Recently, the furniture was awarded with the Must Have prize, which greatly pleased Weronika. This is a prize for the most eye-catching and worth the public’s attention objects, reflecting current trends in design. The furniture range will be exhibited at the Łódź Design Festival in October.

We learned what the designer’s moodbord looks like and about the eternal dilemma “aesthetics or the price.” Self-plagiarism and bottle tests. How big the differences between samples and real products can be, and how much the “material losses can amount to”. How can the non-standard  research (of the creative people’s workplaces) be organized via Facebook? We also saw what Wiktoria’s desk and her drawings look like . We also saw her current work, but we promised that we had never seen them.

In the end, there was the AC Milan cryochamber, which interior was designed by Wiktoria. We clapped our hands and cherished her passion, the amount of experience and the ease to exchange them. Design and craft went together. Both fields are seen as a part of the creative capital of WRCLW and Poland. Both attract people who can combine different disciplines and know how to cooperate. We endorse these skills jointly. The beer of the evening was the emblem of our creative cooperation

– the ART brand and the most recent ART Coffee Milk Dark Lager. Many thanks for the amazing evening and we look forward to welcoming you in Długosza street.