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Tastings with our barista


Alternative Tuesdays, beer digressions, coffee and Michał Matwiejczuk

Visit us to enjoy excellent tastings!

Every Tuesday of July we are holding excellent tastings hosted by Michał Digression Matwiejczuk. We start at midday. At 12:00 COFFEE ALTERNATIVE – the same coffee (coko brand from the Czarny Deszcz roasting house) will be brewed using different alternative methods: aeropress (30.06), drip (7.07), chemex (14.07), and French press (21.07). At the end of July all four brewing methods will be available on one day (28.07). Since midday, cold brew from the same coffee brand will be available.

Every Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. we are hosting BEER TASTINGS. The aim is ambitious: to encourage everybody to express their sensory experiences. Most people are unable to describe what they taste asking bartenders and more experiences friends for recommendations. Our main goal is to encourage you to name your sensory experience yourself. Subjective as it is, it is a matter of opening to new experiences, not professionalism or sensory talent.

Tastings take place at the bar in a sensory glass. We are going to taste from 3 to 5 kinds of beer, 200 ml each. In a free conversation we are going to express our experiences as for the beer’s colour, foam, aroma, taste, texture and notes. Tastings last 45-60 min. The recommended number of participants is from 4 to 7. Tastings cost PLN30-40. Book your place through Evenea.

As July is the Dark Beer Month at Browar Stu Mostów, we are serving new beers at taps 8- 10. Soon another surprise – a debut of new beer. Stay tuned for more details. Visit us to take the first sip!