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Salamander American Wheat


The debut of SALAMANDER American Wheat

The new SALAMANDER premiers today in Wrocław!

American Wheat premiers with the participation of the BRIDGES project leaders

The major flavour component of SALAMANDER American Wheat, namely wheat malt, accounts not only for the beer’s light colour but also its subtle bread and cereal flavour. American hop varieties give the beer its refreshing and balanced acidity while the lagering process its citric-grapefruit aroma. This refreshing and highly drinkable beer is perfect for warmer days.

The beer premiered yesterday on Długosza Street with the participation of the partners and leaders of the BRIDGES project. Mateusz Gulej gave a short talk on beer while Karolina Marciniak, a coordinator of the BRIDGES project, on the events taking place on the 26 bridges in Wrocław! What lies ahead of us is a spectacular weekend with loads of city dwellers and tourists! Today the new SALAMANDER premiers in Wrocław! Visit the best pubs, multitaps and restaurants in Wrocław to taste it: The bottled version will be launched in a week!

On Saturday the BRIDGES project will promote our creativity and identity as part of the Culture Weekend in Wrocław and the European Capital of Culture WRO 2016. The biggest one-day performance will take place on Wrocław’s 26 bridges and footbridges. Join us! There will be a free-of-charge BRIDGES tram serving the route from Leśnica to the ZOO. To find out more about MOSTY and download the up-to-date map of all projects, please visit:

To learn more about events, go to: performance-juz-20-czerwca,3416264,artgal,t,id,tm.html

On Sunday will throw an afterparty for all participants to the BRIDGES ECC 2016 program and toast to the project with our debut beer SALAMANDER American Wheat.

We’ll keep you posted.