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Design ART Party – discussion about the brewery’s design

Give Power To Designers!

It was the day of PLANTACJA Design Agency and Grzegorz Twaróg, Creative Director, in charge of creating visual identification for all our brands. We have cooperated since the very beginning when there was nothing but the Strategy on the desk. We knew what we wanted but we didn’t know what it could look like. There were just blank sheets of paper.

What we wanted to do is combine real life and real beer. Craft beer, to be precise. High quality; brewed naturally and slowly unlike commercial beer which is deprived of qualities only to extend the product’s expiration date and suit everybody’s palate; created in Poland where we’ve returned with the mission to integrate the craft industry and cooperate with those interested in reviving the beer culture; with passion to create beer that could become the trademark of our talents and city traditions. That’s how the WROCŁAW brand was brought to life.

We’ve noticed that people have stopped meeting and chatting; friends, colleagues and family members meet online using social media or chats. That’s why we’ve decided to create a brand that celebrates getting together! A brand that slows your life down, relaxes you, opens you for new experiences and brings fun. This is where the origins of SALAMANDRA lie.

The third brand of the brewery is ART which stands for creative cooperation and open- mindedness. The brand has been building bridges between people and beer styles. It is our third trademark.

We wanted professional design that could help us to build the brand and communicate its values. We were looking for a committed and understanding partner. We’ve clicked on right away. We value the partner’s rational approach to business and the awareness that time is money (seems quite uncommon among designers). We’ve found the attentiveness to the product as well as the willingness to search for new methods to communicate differences in the product and the advantages that these differences bring.

Our task is to communicate how craft brewing differs from commercial production, which accounts for the ingenuity of the final product. The leaders of commercial production focus on blurring those differences.

We are focusing on active communication taking into account the scale. We want to show today’s craft as much more than home-brewing or a hobby. We aim at creating a brand that inspires people to think outside the box and questions mindless acceptance of fake satisfaction and happiness. The brand calls for small daily pleasures. As for crucial decisions, it values idealism and no compromise: real life whose symbol is craft beer. We make all efforts for Browar Stu Mostów to follow the key cultural trends.

Visual identification of Browar Stu Mostów is considered to be distinct and coherent. We like it as do our customers. In a year we have gained a large group of fans of our beers and design: bottles, labels, glasses, T-shirts sell well. We’ve also achieved all business objectives set for the first year following our debut. In brief, today we can say: “Design, you fool.” Have no doubts and give designers space to work. Give Power To Designers!

Plantacja is a place where ideas grow. It is an independent design agency specializing in visual identification, visual information systems, applied design and web design. We appreciate your work. Thanks a lot 🙂