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Anniversary of “The Beer Purity Law” and finale of the “Earth and Water” project

The season opening on the 499th anniversary of the Beer Purity Law

Reinheitsgebot is a historical name for the Beer Purity Law that for years has secured the production of good quality beer in order to avoid the temptation to brew cheaper beer. In the times of revolution, brewing based solely on barley malts, water, yeast and hops is slightly disturbing to our Bavarian friends as it lets Poles to create more interesting beers than the ones brewed in Germany. However, the Beer Purity Law is well-worth remembering in the times when globalization and mass production have distorted the idea of what real beer is. We are planning to open every season on this day. WRCLW is ready. Come and taste our beer!

We’re celebrating as the partner in the “Earth and Water” project of the Food Think Tank group

We share the passion and mission to promote good taste. Curiosity about the world, open- mindedness and the search for the answer to the question: what makes a good taste? We strongly support Food Think Tank – a group of specialists from many fields cooperating in many educational projects centred on culinary experiences. They make no compromise in order to change people’s mindset about taste.

This Wrocław-based educational project includes such experts as: chefs, craftsmen, architects, filmmakers, musicians, pottery makers, bakers, baristas, bartenders, scientists and farmers. Passionate about culinary experiences, they use ecological and locally grown produce to create original dishes. By joining tradition and modernity, they create incredible atmosphere. They all work to achieve one goal: to go back to taste roots and explore its limits. Browar Stu Mostów is proud to be a partner in this project.

What makes a good taste, then? Good quality produce; monitoring every step of the preparation and brewing process; the pot and temperature. These answers are quite self- explanatory. Yet, taste is not only that what is sensed by our palate. In order to recognize all the stimuli that create taste one needs to devote their time and effort. The FTT group uses high quality products, often wild or neglected, and traditional cooking methods. The main chef of the project is Michał Czekajło – the chef in our pub.

The project celebrated its finale with dinner for 36 persons served in an underground restaurant in Milejowice, in the municipality of Żórawina near Wrocław. The menu included, among others: roasted root vegetables coated with herbal butter; black broth made of whealmeal bread, dried mushrooms and cucumbers; one-hundred-year-old egg; snail caviar; frog-spawn bubble tea; sturgeon from the Milickie fish ponds; game sous vide served with honey, spruce and beech; yeast ice-cream served with garlic caramel and chocolate soil. The interior of the underground restaurant was sprayed with the aroma of mushroom, forest and wood created by specialists from the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences. The music, visual effects and decor of this extraordinary restaurant opened only for 4 hours created one-of-its-kind atmosphere.

Dishes were served on clay and ceramic bowls or simply branches prepared for this occasion by chefs, and glass and ceramics designers from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław as well as Be Wood.

Everybody has taken on the challenge to question the traditional understanding of taste. Sharing their knowledge and experiences, experts in various fields have brought the idea of temporary restaurant into life. What’s more, they have shown the multidimensional aspect of creating a menu. Many renowned chefs from Poland as well as professionals, altogether over 100 persons representing various professions, have engaged in these projects. What drove them was the need to develop: “We use local produce and explore traditions of our grandfathers. Thanks to that, the changes we make will define the future. Let’s meet in Wrocław. Eat local and act local.” GoWRCLW!

Visit our Brewery to feel the difference between commercial and craft beer production. Get to know us and have the first sip of beer that has a good taste. We give tours every Tuesday (6:00 p.m.) and Saturday (4:00 p.m.). Join us at these approaching events: the Craft Weekend on 1-4 May and the 6th edition of the Wrocław Good Beer Festival where we’re going to present the official festival beer.

Source: the FTT materials. More at The story about exploring the limits of taste has been documented by the Dizajn gallery and Magazyn Usta magazine.