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Slow Nights


Slow Nights – chat about beer over beer

Slow Nights – first beers are being brewed while we’re showing you how to taste beer and recording it in an educational video (November 26)

On November 26 we’re going to show you how to taste beer more consciously and simply more slowly. We’ll explain how to courage and start naming your sensations by engaging the three senses. We’ll ask for your opinions and share experiences of our brewers. Your opinions matter so much to us that we have decided to record them in a video that we’ll make at the brewery at this one special night. Join us at Slow Night – November 26.

The pub will open at 4p.m. as usual. The shooting will begin at 8p.m.

The next few nights are aimed at preparing Wrocław for the grand opening of Browar Stu Mostów and the momentous premier of the first 6 beers whose tastings have been scheduled for December. We would like to show you that craft beer offers a wide variety of intense flavours but on top of that it stimulates the appetite for life. The recipes are always unique and original although based on experiences of generations, hundreds of books, chats and toasts.

We’d like to convince many of you to slow down, to stop believing in the need to hurry all day with a cup of coffee in your hand. We’d like to give you a chance to sit down, take a breath and become more aware of what you eat and drink. Slow Nights give you the time for consideration and change.

During Slow Nights – from Wednesday November 26 to Saturday November 29 – the opening hours of the pub will be from 4:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. We’ll serve beers that will prepare the people from Wrocław for the announced premiers.

If you need extra excuses to visit Browar Stu Mostów in November, here they are:


  • THURSDAY, Nov.20 – International No Smoking Day and hope to save your 100.000 taste buds
  • FRIDAY, Nov.21 – The World Kindness Day celebrated with genuine Love Beer Camba Bavaria.
  • SATURDAY, Nov.22 – The Crayon Day, or the “Crayon and Pencil” Day. Expect a lot!
  • SUNDAY, Nov.23 – The High school Student’s Day or Graduate’s Day: reservations for high schools from Wrocław.
  • MONDAY, Nov.24 – St. Catherine’s Day – a slightly forsaken meeting filled with magic and fortune telling. A warm-up before Slow Nights and St. Andrew’s Day.
  • TUESDAY, Nov.25 – the eve of the first Slow Night, No Fur and No Teddy Bear Day and, regardless of the weather, The Day of Tram Drivers and Railwaymen who don’t get yet what the craft is about. Not to mention the 60th birthday of Władysław Frasyniuk.
  • WEDNESDAY, Nov.26 the1st Slow Night, first tastings and a magic video
  • FRIDAY, Nov.28 – International Kissing Day
  • SATURDAY, Nov.29 – St. Andrew’s Day
  • MONDAY, Dec.1: The Anniversary of Jan Długosz’s Birthday – the chance to host our neighbours from the Długosza Street. We’ll open at 2:00p.m. so that everyone has the chance to visit the brewery.

We’re going to show you around and we’ll surly stay up late.

The pub’s opening hours are: 4:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. (Thursday – Saturday) and 4:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. (Sunday – Wednesday). Come and experience it for yourself!