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Craft is part of the creative capital of Wrocław

We feel happy. More and more people are getting to know the brewery as a place filled with passion, talents and emotional attitude towards work as well as the primacy of quality over time, savings or limited communication with other people. Our brewery is the place that encourages us to talk about what we’re working on, how and with whom. It is not a beer factory but a place to share our experience and knowledge.

Craft is by and large part of our identity. But it also shows our creativity. Craft is what lets us spread our wings and fly high, do more and experience more. That’s why we’ve produced a video to Pharrell Williams’s hit song “Because I’m happy” – it’s a refrain that promotes vitality and creativity.

We feel happy. Craft brewing will again become part of the creative capital of Wrocław. Wrocław will have its brewery in a month and it’s high time to celebrate it. Whoever feels happy should join us. Who doesn’t feel it yet should trust us or wait and see. As Wojciech Kupczyński, a wonderful stagehand and inspirer at the CAPITOL Music Theatre has put it: “One day all crazy ideas come together.”

Join our You Tube channel. Watch our production of “Happy”, discover “How does craft brewing differ from commercial production?” and why “Our values bring people together.”

See you there! 🙂