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Browar Stu Mostów in Bawaria


Browar Stu Mostów goes to Bavaria

The BrauKon company has developed complete technology for beer brewing. It’s exactly there that our partners’ creativity and passion for beer brewing meets state-of- the-art technology. That’s just what we appreciate.

Contrary to commercial brewers.

As a global company, BrauKon is quite a novice on the market but already an expert in the latest trends in craft brewing. Their technology is used across all continents by the best breweries, including: Stiegl, Bitburger or Paulaner.

Beer is allowed time for bringing out its full flavour. Such brewing reflects the true nature of beer. At the same time brewers enjoy experimenting in their search for new solutions, distinctive flavours and surprising mixes.

Beer brewing combines science and magic. The best quality drink is created when the brewer knows its ingredients, monitors each stage of its production process and loves what they do.

Only then will beer have the spirit that is missing from commercial brewing – says Grzegorz Ickiewicz, a brewer at Browar Stu Mostów.

The people, experts and brewers we have met during our trip have an attitude similar to ours. And it’s not all about beer but also lifestyle that values ingenuity, courage in taking action and indulgence. We have been constantly surprised at the creativity and diversity of the global brewing industry and at how much knowledge there is to be exchanged. The visit to the Camba brewery has opened our eyes to the fact that beer revolution or challenging the monopoly of commercial brewers and spreading passion for genuine beer is based on common values shared by brewers.

What we value are the highest standards, enjoying the present moment and sharing the best experiences– says Ivan Semikin from BrauKon. – This philosophy will soon be embraced by Browar Stu Mostów in Wrocław. They will mark a milestone for craft breweries in Poland– he adds.